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Semantic Markup August 6, 2008

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In my understanding, Semantic Markup seems to be a way that things can be described so they are explicitly understood. It leaves all of the guesswork out of reading information. A certain type of framework is put in place to make this happen. Since I am new at this, semantic markup only seems right. I don’t have any other experiences that tell me it is too slow or not necessary. It just makes sense. I found the information I read about semantics that helped form my opinion above on Digitalweb.com.

 Digital Web Magazine – Writing Semantic Markup

But, from reading “Beginning HTML with CSS and XHTML” by David Schultz and Craig Cook, I have found that “choosing the most meaningful element to fit the meaning of the content inside it” is an even better way to describe semantics. This is referring to an elements semantic value. 

Semantics as Mr. Batchelder has described goes even further. Reading about the subject you are intending on creating a page for and understanding the content and what the author has in mind before you ever touch your keyboard. I think this is the most important concept to grasp. How can we create a page that is what the user needs to enjoyably and efficiently collect all of the relevant information they want if we as the designers don’t fully understand what we are designing the page for?

Here is another link to an excellent article on Semantics and our new era of web.

Semantics Gives The Web Meaning – For Machines


Going Green August 1, 2008

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This article I found on site point is pretty cool.  

10 Tips for Being a Greener Web Designer [Work Smarter]

I think that we have a responsibility to our planet and each-other to research and implement effective ways of reducing energy at home and at work/school whenever we can. Not only does it benefit our environment and our health, but in some cases even our wallet. This article gives some good tips for us as web designers to look into. I know that we as students can’t make our school or boss switch to a greener web host or make decisions based on what kind of “carbon footprint” we might leave, but there are some simple things we can do. I like the idea of switching to a laptop. They are built to save energy. Switching to an LCD from your old CRT has more than one perk too, though, who isn’t doing that now-a-days anyway. I am not saying that all of these will save the world but it should at least get you thinking about something important. 

Sitepoint is a really cool site to visit for people in out industry.

Bland and Grand July 25, 2008

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I found this article called “Bland and Grand Web Designs” by David Rodriguez, here is the link.

Bland and Grand Web Designs | Web Page Design for Designers ©

It is a great article if you want to see some examples of well designed and poorly designed web pages. You can click on an example and it will give you a visual of the page. Under the visual is a brief commentary on what is good about the site, and where it needs improvement. There are also links to these web sites. What is cool about this page is that he doesn’t use bad websites as examples, it is easy to find one of those and tear it down. Every example is a half-way functional site that just needs improvement in one area or another. I highly recommend this site to anyone. 

Here is a link to another great article about how browsers are branching into different platforms like mobile devices, and are doing it successfully.

 Digital Web Magazine – The Web Beyond the Desktop